26 Weeks






We took these on Father's Day :)  Zac celebrated his first Father's Day although he said he didn't feel like he had done much yet.  I disagree.  He's been so supportive and loves this baby boy so MUCH already.  I gave him an ergobaby carrier and he was so excited!!!  That's the one baby item that he's been dying for.  I think it's adorable and can't wait to see him carting around baby button.  I also gave him this book, which he actually started reading. 

This week I sewed my first crib sheet and I'm happy with how it turned out.

I also had another doctor's appointment.  She said everything was great.  I got to hear Everett's heartbeat with the doppler :)  My fundal height was 28 cm and she said he might be measuring big but it's too soon to tell.  I can't believe I'm almost in my third trimester.  So crazy!  Time has been going by so quick.  26