Zac turned 30!

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We had dinner at Flight downtown.  Zac had never been and it's one of my favorites.  The concept is really fun- you can choose 3 small portions of wine + food.  Zac had the bass, quail + filet and I tried the lobster, game hen + chicken & waffles.  We shared the belle pie (so YUMMY!), key lime pie + brownie for dessert.  I asked Zac if he felt 30 and he said more like 40, haha.  Poor guy :)  He actually dreads his birthday which is totally crazy to me because I LOVE celebrating my birthday.  I'm pretty sure he had a great night though.  We sat outside on the patio and watched the trolley + horse carriages go by.  After dinner, we stopped at Tom Lee Park to watch the sunset before heading home.


  1. Sounds like the sweetest birthday celebration, how could he not have fun? Happy belated birthday to Zac.