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Local Natives :)Love them so much!!!! #localnatives

Can't tell you how stoked I am!!! Been waiting for 9 years :) #beforemidnight

My new zinnias Zac got me at the farmers market :)  #ABeautifulMessPeach cobbler going in the oven :)

Zac + I saw Local Natives play this past week.  I LOVE them :)  We first discovered them together in Nashville when they were the start up band for Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros.  They have such a positive energy and their music just makes you feel good.  I got chills a few times while they were playing haha.  One of my favorite lyrics is "as you think, the bad feeling so bad makes the good so good".  It's at the very end of world news.

This weekend we went to the movies twice!  We saw Before Midnight (I absolutely LOVED Before Sunrise + Before Sunset).  It was a lot less romantic, but I still really liked it and seeing how the characters had grown.  We also saw Mud.

On Saturday, we went to the famers market.  Zac asked if I wanted to get any flowers so of course I had to say yes :)  I picked out some Zinnias.  We went for tomatos (to make salsa) but ended up only getting peaches.  I made a peach cobbler on Father's Day.  It was SO yummy!!!

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