A Little Bit Of... My Weekend

March 24 020

March 24 014

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March 24 054

We're going to Jackson#chocolatedippedcone because they didn't have butterscotch :(  to end the trip!

Jessica lea 001

Sexy hubby :)@ fareveller festival

L + Z @ JLM

Drove to Jackson, TN to visit my grandparents.

Got to see my sis in law, neice, cousins, uncle + aunt in law.

Enjoyed all of the beautiful trees, shrubs + flowers in bloom. I have always LOVED dandelions. I used to call them "blow-blows" haha. They always make me happy. I wished on one, but I can't tell what I wished for or it won't come true ;)

Had the best road trip buddy- sweet Vera.

Ate a chocolate dipped cone from Dairy Queen.

Listened to Jessica Lea Mayfield.

Sang along.

Wished she played longer.

Held hands.


  1. Road trip with someone you love + music + ice cream = perfection! Sounds like a great time.

  2. Looks like you had a wonderful weekend! Surrounded by great people, ice cream, and music what could be better? =)

  3. looks like one amazing weekend!

  4. That looks like a perfect time! Nothing better than spending time with family and enjoying the lovely sunshine, if you ask me. =)

  5. Thanks for visiting :)  And for answering my question on your blog about your charm bracelet necklace.  Such a great idea.  Ive seen it once before + loved it then too. 

  6. Thanks for visiting + commenting :)

  7. Pretty photos! I love the one of your dog. The angle of the photo is such a cool one!