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Laurel Sucsy #artlecture

I went to this lecture last night at Rhodes College.  I'm really enjoying these artist lectures by women with families.  It's very inspiring to me :)  Sometimes I find myself thinking you can't have both, but it's just not true.  You have to make the time to keep what you love in your life.  Here are some of the notes I took:

  • Structure changing, but spaces stay the same

  • Like moving furniture- collect + push around

  • Painting talking back to her, start a conversation

  • Got rid of marks + focused on color when painting in the grid

  • Up in the air until last minute

  • Didn't like the structure of the grid

  • More spatial, super illusionistic

  • Edges become abrupt- build painting with edges + each mark lines up with each other + shifts

  • Task to maintain concentration so worlds don't pull apart

  • Her world has been described as plate tectonics

  • She's consistant in trying to make awkward slipping

  • Shows the roots to her brain- missteps, version without the makeup on

  • She feels everything she does is different- gestures, edges, time, consistently shifting

  • No static, color/contrast, how paint applied

  • Describes work like a music album- some slow songs, some upbeat, etc.

  • Different brains on, different personalities

// current work //

  • Hovers

  • There's this thing you want to do + you don't do it.  You can only make what yours hands allow you to.

  • Hard to create openness + finish a painting

  • Turn works around to find a new "bridge"

  • Works on same painting for years- crazy transformations, finds anchor but anything can change if she protects one area.  Holding on to right area?

  • Hard to describe her new work because she is so personally attached.  She doesn't "know" her work until a year out.  She can still remember what music she was listening to when she made the marks.

  • Discover one thing + find another

  • Enters the work through small things

  • Color choice is more intuitive + instinctive

  • When she sees painting she sees shapes, landscape, etc.  Sense of light influenced by painting outside

  • She loses a lot of paintings + loses stuff she loves, but keeps working.  Jokes she has a super appetite for failure.  Success rate low.  The whole thing has to work, not just the parts.  One piece went to a show, came back + she realized it wasn't finished.

  • She has a certain time to paint + puts an apron on + creates rituals to make her paint at night so she doesn't go do dishes, etc. *I have talked about this.  I'll find myself painting a little + then doing the laundry, cooking dinner, etc.  Instead of focusing large amounts of time to my work.


I hope everyone has a great weekend :)  I'm looking forward to it.  It's beginning to look + feel a lot like spring around here.

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