7/52 Weeks

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7 of 52 Weeks 013

I know, you can probably hardly tell that I worked on this right?  I swear I did, but I won't say it was for that long or continuously.  I added more black + pulled out some more lines.  I'm trying to make some parts more crisp + not all so hazy.  I'm about to start a new one, i promise :)

1 sketch:


1 art journal page:

7 of 52 Weeks 006

7 of 52 Weeks 015

and my new cushion I got to sit on when I paint :)  Isn't it a cute pattern?  I got some for my patio chairs too! ♥

(Prompt from this e-course)


  1. So cute :) your art journal page is beautiful.. are you doing the 'a beautiful mess' course?
    Your painting is cute too, and you're sketch is awesome.. I wish I could draw like that!

  2. I know.  I died when I saw them!  I got it at Garden Ridge.  They had tons of shapes sizes :)

  3. Thanks :)  Yes, I am doing that e-course.  The more you do it the better you get :)  ♥

  4. I LOVE that Free Sketchbook. I would love to be able to draw, even a little bit... sigh. Just found your blog (from a comment on the daybook blog:) and I'm already in love. Can't wait for more creative inspiration! I'll be back. Following you on blog lovin' now. Come say hi and follow if ya like. XO
    real budget, real busy, real body fashion:

  5. Thanks :)  It takes lots of practice.  Im glad you found my blog ♥  Ill follow you too!

  6. I always love seeing other people's art. Thanks for sharing :)

  7. Me too :) thanks! Im glad you found me.