My new favorite outfit :) #modcloth top & sweater #toms ballet flats & #gap leggings

Obsessing Over: Milk.  Haha.  I know, you would never guess it right?  I'm not sure what happened but the hubby has influenced me to drink large amounts of milk.  I've never gone through cartons like this before ;)  Strange?  Oh + by the way, I like ice in mine while hubby sticks his in the freezer.  Cold milk is the best.

Working On: Finishing my recent painting + starting a new one.  This Sunday I spend hours in the studio with little distractions (this hasn't happened in forever).  Vera would come check on me every now + then.  I even got a blister on my thumb, haha.  I think I am almost done with one painting + I did start a new one.  I added fabric collage elements to this one which is new + exciting.  I will post pictures tomorrow in my 8/52 weeks post.

Thinking About: The speeding ticket I got :(  I'm pretty bummed about it.  I'm trying to decide if I should go to court or just pay it.  I really don't want to ruin my pretty perfect driving record! 

Anticipating: I got management excellence again this year at work (3 times in row!) + I won a trip.  I can't wait for the packet to arrive so I can hear more about it.  I think it's to The Greenbrier in West Virginia.  Has anyone been?  Have any recommendations for that area?  It will be my first time in WV.

Listening To: Older Coldplay, haha...like when they were really good.  Also, I've been playing Kathleen Edwards "Voyageur" a lot.  I'm pretty in love with it.

Eating: Girl scout cookies.  Ahh!!!  I bought 4 boxes (thin mints, samoas, tagalongs + trefoils) on Sunday + have put a pretty big dent in them :)  It's so hard to choose only 1 flavor + then you end up eating them all.  What's your favorite?  Mine is probably thin mints if I HAD to choose only 1.

Wishing: I had more time.  It seems like there's never enough time to do all the things I want to do.  I guess I just need to be better at time management :)  It's hard with a full time job to get it all in. 


  1. yay for winning a trip! good for you :)
    and i can't believe i've found someone else that likes ICE in their MILK!! i do that too and i usually get the weirdest looks LOL

  2. Thanks :)  I LOVE it.  I like when the milk gets really frosty around the ice.  Haha.