Art Lecture // Cara Tomlinson

Cara Tomlinson lecture

Zac + I went to an art lecture at Rhodes College the other night.  Here are some of the things I wrote down:

  • What is it to see + sense the world?

  • Matter + consciousness

  • Lessons of landscape: body has relationship to shape, urgency, painting a response, a dance.  Trains the imagination.

  • Lessons of light + color from landscape.

  • Finding truth through doubt, truth becomes the process.

  • Layers of form: give + take

  • Framing an absence, showing an absence- obliquely.

  • Framework for viewer to fill in

  • Pairing paintings as a conversation

  • Became a mother + was influenced by watching daughter form language

  • Color has amazing power: disarming, sensuous + affects the whole body

  • Painting layers over time: refusal + erasure, boundary of painting: strata of process

  • Negative capability: Doubt + Confusion= Playfulness

  • Childhood + Child developing: stacking, linking, boundaries of inanimate + animate

  • Process of construction- how paints + bodies are made

  • Paint is dualistic: covers but also reveals

  • The release + the control- going back + forth.  Tight vs. Loose.

  • Sees process as collaborating w/ materials + the body + giving up consciousness + control.  Pure potential + strict limitation.

  • Compositions are a process of trial + error, not preset ever

 And a sketch I did:

Lecture 2

I'm looking forward to seeing the show soon.

Cara Tomlinson

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