Picnic Lunch Date

This week I went to outdoors + picked up a frisbee (Zac either lost ours or gave it away?!?! [i can't remember...what else is new, haha]) Then I scooped him up from work + we went to Kwik Check + picked up some gyros w/ cucumber sauce.  Yum!  We had a picnic at Overton Park, snuggled on the blanket + threw the frisbee.  It was a gorgeous day + we didn't want to leave to go back to work :(  Time flew by...

Gyro for lunch

Zac thought it would be funny to get some action shots :)  I made a mess, haha.

Zac thought he was pretty funny for getting some action shots #picnic

I'm so thankful that Zac works in Midtown now so we can get lunches together.  We used to work about an hour away from each other, so it's nice to be so close now :)  I love fun dates during the work day + getting to be with my sweet husband.

I love my husband :)

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