Little Surprises

Last Friday, Zac + I had dinner @ Bhan Thai.  I've been once before, but Zac had never been.  It was really good!  I got the Panang Curry: Sautéed with panang curry sauce, bell peppers, sweet beans, basil and kaffir lime leaves in coconut milk.  I thought it sounded really interesting.  After that, we saw The Time Traveler's Wife @ Studio on the Square.  Zac said it was better than he thought + it wasn't as good as I thought, but I had HIGH expectations ;]  I still thought it was really good.  I cried. Haha. Time

Saturday night Zac + I went to the Redbirds vs. SAC game @ AutoZone Park-"the finest ballpark ever built below the major league level".  They lost :( but it was still fun!!!


Audrey Kawasaki is having another print sale:Saybyeprint

I wonder what the odds are of actually getting one??? haha.

Remember the class I took by Kara?  Well...she is selling her doily journals.CKarahaupt

I am so, so, so excited for Fall!!!  Elsie asks: "Is it just me or is it a general feeling that this Autumn is going to be best season in, like, a long long time? seems so."  I totally think so.  It's my favorite season always.

Things I'm excited about:

going to Ft. Lauderdale (never been) w/ my sweetheart to visit his Dad

cooler weather, fall breeze, leaves changing, smell of wood burning outside, cozy clothes

green nail polish is in!

Aragon Chinchilly Forest

Here Today...Aragon Tommorrow by OPI • Chinchilly by Essie • Enchanted Forest by Orly

Halloween is coming:


(when you mix candy corn + salted peanuts it tastes like a payday...yum)

the fair (ferris wheels, caramel/candy apples, funnel cakes + pronto pups) + Pink Palace Crafts Fair (pottery, art, prints + pronto pups again haha)

the fact that i still have a few of these left:

Candywarehouse_2063_649306056 37074-ChickOStick Atkinson_peanut_butter_bars

caramels • chick-o-sticks • peanut butter bars.

my birthday ;] 26!!! (I'll post my list soon, haha)

I'm almost finished with the Twilight series...excited but sad too.  Ready to move on to new books!

getting a new haircut + color

the season for art openings + lectures


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