The Land of Deather

Katherine + I went to Nashville to see our love Jack White + The Dead Weather.  On the way, we stopped in Wildersville to check out the country store + get some souviners.  Katherine was really hoping for some Tennessee sand in a jar (since there's so much sand in TN) + I was sure they would have spoons...haha.  We settled for nut scratchers (for the boys) + redneck dice (hung on my rearview mirror) instead.  The girls bathroom was 2 for 1, haha.

DSC01828 Untitled-1 copy DSC01836

The concert was @ the historic landmark War Memorial...it was awesome!!!

DSC01842 DSC01853 DSC01871 DSC01920

Alison Mosshart was so close at one point...haha...she just sat down + let Jack take the stage...

DSC01931 copy DSC01932 copy

DSC01966 DSC01972 DSC01975 DSC01976

The next day we had breakfast at Pancake Pantry, shopped and then met up with Travis + "Paris" I mean Parrish...haha.  We had dinner @ MAFIAoZA's They serve their beer in mason jars :]  plus they had really good apps + pizza :]


Next we went to Springwater.  We were all standing outside + I see this guy that I swear is Jack Lawrence from The Dead Weather...I grab Katherine's arm + dig my nails into her...whisper in her ear "OMG is that Jack from the dead weather???"...he goes inside + she goes after him...She tells him..."You look just like Jack from the dead weather"...he says..."Yeah"...she says "Are you?"...He said "Yes!"...she says the famous words..."Where's your security?" hahahaha.  Katherine said I knew it was him by his ass! haha...We had that view the whole night before.  We debated for about 30 minutes whether or not to ask for a picture + finally agreed that this was a once in a lifetime opportunity + we had to take it...haha...He wasn't quite as excited:


We were sad to leave Deather.  On the way home we stopped at Casey Jones Village Old Country Store in Jackson, TN (where my family lives).  I wanted a harmonica, but no such luck :(  We got fudge, sodas + candy!!!

DSC01990 DSC01991

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  1. Alison Mosshart makes me want to be a druggie-glam rockstar... but the feeling usually wears off in about 3 to 5 minutes. ;} Glad you had fun. Great post!