List: Reasons I Love Spring

Happy First Day of Spring!!!

  • daffodils

    Why, Hello! (O!Rachew!)

  • warm weather
  • easter eggs + easter egg hunts
  • tulips blooming
  • red bud trees
  • afican violet show at memphis botanic garden (I've been for the past few years + have quite a collection :])
  • summer/vacation shopping (Jcrew is always a fun place to do this)
  • pastel colors
  • easter basket grass, haha
  • breaking out the flip flops (I love my flip flops!!!)
  • pinwheels
  • rainboots + jackets
  • new season= new creative ideas
  • enjoying being outside (except for my spring allergies)
  • more sunlight after work
  • putting shorts on for the first time since summer

On633397-00viv01 Old Navy has the most comfy drawstring shorts every spring!!!

  • feeling fresh (something about spring feels fresh + crisp)
  • green grass starting to show
  • beautiful colors in nature

And so...much more

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