I haven't written one of these posts since before I was pregnant.  I just looked back at them and wow has life changed :)  I'm going to try to keep up with them because it's so fun to look back.

Reading: Lots of baby books to Everett.  We are in love with the library right now.  I am reading The Interestings and The Husband's Secret.  I also checked out The Goldfinch: A Novel but I haven't started it yet and will most likely wait until I finish the other two haha.  I have WAY more books I want to read right now than time.  

Thinking about: How much Everett has grown + changed in just the past few days.  He feels more like a toddler than a baby now.  He has outgrown all of his clothes that I bought or was given when I was pregnant.  I remember filling his drawers and putting the 12 month clothes in the bottom drawer and thinking how long away that would be.  It went by WAY too fast, although newborn diapers and clothes seem like they were forever ago.

Watching:  My favorite tv shows right now are Vampire Diaries, The Originals, 19 Kids and Counting and The Little Couple.  I rarely get to watch much tv. 

Loving:  Being with my family in our new home :)  

Knitting:  A lovie blanket for Everett that should be finished by now.  It wouldn't take long to finish at all.

Looking forward to:  Our "garden" and hopefully seeing + eating the fruits of our labor ;)  

Drinking:  Blue Raspberry Nerds Slush from Sonic...YUM!  Iced coffee + Iced vanilla macchiatos

Listening to: The Lowland audio book on our recent car trips to Destin + Nashville.  Cope by Manchester Orchestra.

Eating:  More salads and lots of berries now that it's Spring!  I also have an addiction to cinnamon melts.

*Thanks again to Danielle + Megan for the inspiration of these posts.

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