Everett's First Trip to the Beach


We went to Destin, FL for a long weekend to visit my Dad (Everett's Grumpy).  I was worried about how Everett would do on his first long road trip, but he was an angel as usual.  He slept most of the way.  We stopped twice to let him eat and stretch.  We had dinner at Boshamps the first night and watched the Memphis Grizzlies playoff game.

The next morning we went to the beach for the first time.  I was so excited to see what Ev would think.  He didn't mind the sand at all, although he wasn't a fan of the waves crashing towards him.  The water was really cold too.  He took a nap on a beach towel and then we walked to The Back Porch for lunch.  He had his first taste of a saltine cracker.  He became obsessed with drinking ice water from a straw everytime we went out to eat.  Zac and I swam to the sand bar and found a sand dollar.  That afternoon we took him to the pool and he loved it.  We went to dinner at Stinky's Fish Camp

Dad took us to the Whale's Tail for breakfast (a family tradition) and then we did some shopping the next day.  I bought Everett his first Zoo Gallery t-shirt (another tradition).  We went to the beach that afternoon.  Zac and I threw the frisbee while Ev played in his tent.  We had our last dinner at Ruth Chris.  Everett was so good.  He played in the corner of the booth.  He tried an asparagus spear for the first time. 

The next morning we drove home.  Everett slept most of the way again.  We made it home just in time before the storms hit.

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