A Little Bit Of…Our New Home


I will admit, moving has been filled with highs and lows.  I'm a little resistant to change and I love to have things in "order".  Both of those don't mix well with moving.  I hate to say I'm resistant to change because I think change is great, but it does tend to make me anxious.  At first I was just so excited and focused on the new house, decorating, organizing...all the fun stuff.  Then, a few days after we moved all the big furniture, I went back to the condo to see all kinds of "stuff".  I became ashamed, upset, stressed about all that I had collected in my 7 years of living by myself.  This wasn't Zac's stuff (he was willing to help) but it was all MINE and then I felt overwhelmed.  There has been lots of throwing away, piles to donate, and we are making ourselves be finished by tomorrow.  It's hard to let go.  I am making a goal to be better this time around.  I don't know what I was thinking but I thought moving was going to be easy and I didn't have that much stuff.   Wow, was I wrong!  I am now trying to keep things paired down, necessary and simplify my life.  I've always liked the idea of when you bring something home, take something out.  I'm sticking to that.  

We are so fortunate, our dreams are coming true and I am grateful.  I know everything will come together and get done.  Little by little.  Baby steps.


  1. I can help if you need it

  2. Thank you :) I appreciate it but we just have a little left now. Ill let you know if we do :)
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