40 WEEKS!!!



Oh baby! :)  This week we've started going to the doctor more often.  We got another ultrasound to check fluid levels and to make sure Everett's not in distress.  Everything looked good.  I was thinking he would probably be in the double digits, but she said he weighed around 9lb 1oz and 90 percentile.  His heart rate was 132.  My doctor said she didn't think he felt that big to her so that's good :)  She said I was at 2 cm now and that I was ready.  She asked if I wanted to induce the next day but I said I still wanted to wait.  She swept my membranes and said she wanted to see me again on Tuesday, but that she bets I have the baby by then.  Yay!  We were so happy to hear that.  I had a few strong contractions that night but they went away.

We went to dinner and a movie on Friday (27). I started having contractions. We got a few hours of sleep before the power went out and then I was pretty sure I was in LABOR! We got our stuff together and headed to the hospital.

We had Everett in our arms by Saturday the 28th :)

Full birth story soon...


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