39 Weeks

39 weeks




This week...I honestly didn't think I'd make it to this week.  I'm not sure why since first babies tend to be late.  I think because he was usually measuring big and people kept telling me that I was going to go into labor early (thanks alot! haha).  I just want him to come at his own time without any interventions.  I've been afraid of induction since I found out I have gestational diabetes.  We went to the doctor and (of course) she wanted to schedule an indcution next week.  We told her that we would like to wait until closer to 41 weeks and she said she would do what we wanted.  The date is set for October 3rd, but she wants to see me next week and do an ultrasound.  Then she said she would see if we needed to induce earlier.  I'm still hoping he comes before then :)  


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