32 Weeks

32 weeks063045

This week I had another doctor's appointment.  My fundal height hasn't changed in two weeks, but I'm still measuring big (by a week) at 33.  I haven't gained much weight the past few weeks either (if at all).  She said it was normal to have fluctuations.  I can't believe it's already August.  I made all of my final ob appointments (so crazy!!!).  Time has been flying by.  I got a prescription for the glucometer so let the finger pricking begin :P  I'm really curious to see what my blood sugar levels are.  I hope normal...

...so far my levels have been normal :)  Yay!  This weekend we installed the car seat and put together the pack n play.  I also packed Everett's hospital bag and mine is pretty much ready to go.  It's getting so exciting!!! I'm so ready to meet our baby boy.


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