31 Weeks

31 weeks



This week was a tough week.  I found out I have gestational diabetes.  I'm not sure why I'm letting it bum me out so bad and I know things could be a lot worse.  It just gets me stressed out reading words like macrosomia (baby being too large to enter the birth canal or shoulders getting stuck), large episiotomy and cesarean section when I want to go all natural.  At first they told me that I could go to a class to learn about what to do a day after I found out and then called back to say they didn't have an opening until two weeks!  Two weeks seems crazy when I'm already 31 weeks along.  I've been trying to research it on my own which is tough because it's all contradicting information.  For the most part I am eating as I normally would because I like to eat healthy anyway.  I've been trying to eat smaller meals with snacks in between.  I'm continuing with yoga and walking more.  The hardest part has been cutting out refined sugar.  I have the biggest sweet tooth and LOVE sweets, haha.

We got to tour the labor and delivery room, postpartum room and nursery during our childbirth class this week so that was fun :)  The rooms were nicer than I imagined. 

This weekend is my family baby shower so I'm really excited about that.


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