Wedding date

We also went to a wedding this weekend.  It was a fun excuse for me to dress up, which I never do.  Haha.  I even wore high heels!  I got my nails done + a massage after our 5K.  It was a nice little treat.  The reception was downtown in the old Grand Central train station, which was really cool.  I've never seen the inside before. 

Headed to a wedding :)Sparkles :)

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Me at wedding

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  1. One of the coolest wedding sites ever! I love it, and you looked hot. I really need to get a mani-pedi. One day.

  2. Yeah, its really neat.  Willie Nelson, Band of Horses + others are playing there on their train tour.  Pretty cool.  Thanks pretty lady.  You must treat your self one day!!!  Pick a date...seriously...now... :)  haha ♥

  3. You look gorgeous girl! :) Loving that dress on you!

  4. Thanks so much! :)  Youre a sweetie ♥