If you really knew me...

If you knew me 2 bw copy

I'm really shy until I get comfortable and then...watch out...haha.

I can be totally goofy.

I get really silly + excited right before bed because I love sleep so much.

I used to sleep with a stuffed animal until I got married.  I still miss it sometimes.

March 2012 039

I prefer to wear flip flops, sandals or go barefoot.

I love singing in the car and music in general.

I can play the piano.

I'm sometimes known to bust out a booty dance in the middle of the kitchen (or any room for that matter) for no apparent reason.

If you knew me 1 bw

I can freak out and be obsessive about things that in the grand scheme of things may/may not kill me like washing your hands, germs, parabens, chemicals that we eat/absorb, etc. 

I hate smoke.  I always have and always will.  I cannot stand it.

I cuss a lot.

I have a hard time making decisions and more often than not over analyze and think I made the wrong choice anyways.

If you knew me 4 bw

I lift my feet at railroad crossings.

I'm really slow in the morning + not a morning person at all.

I hate loud noises.

I say I don't care way too much unless I'm really opinionated and then I will speak up.

*All photos were goofy "outtakes" that I would normally not show...aren't you lucky??? :)