27-29/52 Weeks

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You can see more sketches from this week here (if you haven't already).

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(Art journal prompts from this e-course)

I'm still playing catch up :)  We run our first 5K tomorrow morning.  I'm pretty nervous and of course I started having pain in my left foot.  I hope it goes away enough that I'm not in too much pain while I'm running.


  1. Okay I'm going to go comments crazy on your blog right now. I really enjoyed looking into your art journal in this post. So many sweet words, and great images. You are quite the artist and always super inspirational for me.

  2. Haha :)  Youre free to go comments crazy.  I LOVE it.  Thanks so much.  Im glad you liked them and happy I can inspire someone else.  I REALLY need to paint more, but with this running kick I dont have as much time. ♥