Our trip to The Greenbrier in instagrams...

UntitledWay too early!!! :(  p.s. happy birthday to my hubby :)My favorite part about flying :)Smallest airport EVER!!! Haha:) cute place alreadyUntitledGlad to be here but tired!The "love clock" that was on the bachelorette, even though I'm pretty sure they made it up. A man told us wonderful stories that works here.UntitledBeing totally goofy hahaAfter the management excellence event...go me ;)Letter box...so coolHeaven Just had the best spa experience ever!Peppermint = my fav!UntitledHers + His \\ Frozen coconut mojito + vodka grapefruit... Yum!!!Happy to find a shady spot under the umbrella! Before the stormTeaArtistic dinnerFeel like we went back in time :) hahaCutest bathroom ever :)I love vacations with my husband :) they are always the best!!!


  1. I love instagram posts!! I really need to figure out how to get mine all together to do one! It's the niftiest little app! I love it!
    I hope you are enjoying 50 shades! I devoured all 3 books in a matter of 4 days! Aside from what it's known for, the plot line and chemistry between Christian and Ana really hooked it for me. An easy breezy read! Those are the best!
    I want my ceiling to look like that blue and white with the chandelier! I mean, who wouldn't want that in their house?!

  2. I just figure out how many pixels(?) my posts are (500) + a photo fits at (470) so I divide that to (235) and put two photos, etc. with no space between them.  I love it too.  I am enjoying 50 shades.  Just started book 2.