A Little Bit Of...Our Weekend

We ate our usual Friday night Mexican.  My husband can not get enough Mexican food, haha.  It's his favorite.  Then out of the blue he mentioned shopping.  This is VERY rare.  He even said we could go to Hobby Lobby or Jo Ann's...shocker! :)  But we decided on Bass Pro Shops because he had a gift certificate + we could take Vera (our soft coated wheaten terrier).  We ended up not buying anything.  We ended the night with ice cream from Baskin-Robbins to cool us off in this HOT weather.

Margarita that tastes like apple or white grape juiceShopping #softcoatedwheatenterrier #spoiled

I went to the farmer's market on Saturday + got so much local produce I could barely carry it all to the car.  How pretty are those flowers?

:) lots of cooking going on today

June30 009

June30 016

June30 020

I'm so proud of our tomato growing!!!  I hope it keeps growing + we actually get to eat it.  I swear I found another tiny one growing, but now I can't find it.  We have lots of blooms.  I can't wait to see how many tomatoes we get to harvest (I hope at least one).  I really never thought this plant would make it;  It had a rough start.

June30 021

I'm also growing basil + mint :) I have been putting the mint in my tea + it is so yummy!

June30 008June30 005

June30 017

Making peach cobbler :) yum!

I made a peach cobbler to take to a friend's house for dinner that night.  It was delicious!!!

June30 024

I also made a tomato "salad" with goat cheese + basil from my "garden".

June30 023

On Sunday my niece came over to swim.  It's the first time I've been to our pool all year.  She wore me out, haha.  We played colors (where you guess the other person's favorite color + if you are wrong you get dunked)...She stood on my shoulders + jumped off over + over again...We had a race to the deep end...

Swimming #tattoo

Sweet EmmiePlaying in the pool

Zac + I ate watermelon.

Yum! #foodstagram #watermelon

It was the perfect weekend.

P.S.  I hope everyone has a happy Independence Day!  I'm just happy I get a day off work.  We have no plans :)  What about you?


  1. Peach Cobbler... MMMMMMmmmmm...

  2. This entire blog is like eye candy! WOW! I've got to get down to our local farmers market, for our produce and my pig's veggies! That Watermelon looks fantastic as well! YUMMO! Great job on the peach cobbler! It looks so good! I've got some fresh blueberries begging to be baked up in a pie!
    Lucky you for a hubby who will go into Hobby Lobby! It's like pulling teeth for mine to go! haha

  3. Youre sweet ♥  Thanks!  My husband usually NEVER wants to go.

  4. I love all the garden veggies! There is nothing like growing your own!

  5. I really want to grow mint. I think it's one of the easiest, because it just keeps growing unless you dig it all up. I would put it in every drink. Mmm..

  6. You should! :) it is so easy. My biggest mistake was not putting it in a big enough pot. I still have plenty for me though. Never put it in the ground or it will take over. I love putting it in all my drinks. Thanks for reminding me to start doing that again. Sometimes I forget its out there.