The Greenbrier

We had a much needed getaway last weekend.  I was rewarded at work with a trip to The Greenbrier.  I've never been to West Virginia before + it was beautiful; I wish we had gotten to see more.  We only had one full day there + so we stayed at the resort the whole time.  There was so  much to see + do.  I could have taken pictures all day long (which I pretty much did). 






The Greenbrier front


Green hallThe Greenbrier 166

The Greenbrier 057

The Greenbrier 060The Greenbrier 059

The Greenbrier 072

The Greenbrier 080The Greenbrier 071

The Greenbrier 083

The Greenbrier 020The Greenbrier 012

The Greenbrier 023

The Greenbrier 039The Greenbrier 042

The Greenbrier 097

The Greenbrier 058The Greenbrier 094

The Greenbrier 098

The Greenbrier 077The Greenbrier 086

The Greenbrier 101

The Greenbrier 117The Greenbrier 121

The Greenbrier 128

The Greenbrier 135The Greenbrier 131

The Greenbrier 148

The Greenbrier 142The Greenbrier 140

The Greenbrier 153

The Greenbrier 157

The Greenbrier 162The Greenbrier 165

The Greenbrier 161

The Greenbrier 100 copyThe Greenbrier 156

The Greenbrier 136

The Greenbrier 177

  • We celebrated Zac's 29th birthday (I almost forgot that morning with the rush to the airport).

  • Flew to Atlanta, then Roanoke + then took the shortest flight (10 minutes) to Lewisburg (tinest airport we've ever seen).  Which Delta left out that we even had to do that, haha.  Thanks.

  • Checked in + had lunch at Draper's.  We felt like we were in a dollhouse.

  • Amazed by the beautiful Dorothy Draper decor.

  • Went on a walk.

  • Dinner with my company on Kate's mountain + listened to a comedian.

  • Ate a Greenbrier peach.

  • Zac played golf while I had the best spa experience of my life.

  • Peppermint tea with a slice of orange= heaven.

  • Walked the springhouse row.

  • Had lunch by the pool at Treetops. 

  • Drank the yummiest frozen coconut mojito. (I can cross off "try 3 new drinks" on the summer manifesto list *only 1eft)

  • Relaxed by the pool until a storm came in.

  • Enjoyed listening to the rain + thunder.

  • Had afternoon tea.

  • Went on a bunker tour + felt like I was in school again.

  • Put on our fancy clothes for a fancy dinner at The Main Dining Room.

  • Felt like we went back in time.

  • Woke up way to early to sit at the airport for hours because of fog.

  • Flew first class back home.


  1. Hey Linds -
    Love the pictures, but really like your descriptions of simple things that you'll remember forever.
    Thanks Zac for sending them along.

  2. Ok, well that was probably a goofy post ... make that from "Dan", not Dad. Chuck may take offense at the fact that I adopted his daughter!

  3. What a great post- and what a great trip you got rewarded with! The Greenbrier looks so pretty!

  4. Thanks Kerry :)  It was perfect but too short!  :(  It was so beautiful. ♥Linz