Our First Anniversary

was the BEST day!!!

We had a picnic at Memphis Botanic Garden (where we were married).  We found a shady spot in the rose garden.  I thought it might rain, but once again I'm so glad it didn't :)

First Anniversary 002

First Anniversary 005First Anniversary 007

We froze the top tier of our wedding cake for today.  We were shocked at how yummy + light + airy the wedding cake was.

First Anniversary 012

First Anniversary 026 copy 2First Anniversary 035 copy

First Anniversary 021

First Anniversary 059

First Anniversary 019 copyFirst Anniversary 043 copy

First Anniversary 051

First Anniversary 062

First Anniversary 080First Anniversary 091

First Anniversary 076

First Anniversary 088First Anniversary 069

First Anniversary 105

First Anniversary 108First Anniversary 115

I took these later in the day while I was walking Vera:

First Anniversary 122

First Anniversary 121First Anniversary 120

*the same flip flops I wore on my wedding day :) + the dress I wore to my bridesmaids luncheon

That night Zac took me to Erline Jensen's for dinner.  I forgot my iphone (GASP! haha) so there are no photos :(  They even brought out a plate that said "Happy Anniversary" with two candles for us to blow out + some meringues.  I made a wish on my candle :)  I hope it comes true!

After dinner, we slow danced to "Just One Thing" by My Morning Jacket (our song) on the record player + exchanged gifts. 

I'm so happy to have such a sweet, wonderful, loving man that makes me feel so special.  He means everything to me.


  1. You guys are adorable! What a sweet little picnic. I love your dress too! Happy, happy anniversary!

  2. aww, how sweet! your wedding cake looks yummy. and those heart leaves... what a nice thing to have stumbled upon! x

  3. Such cute pictures, happy anniversary!

  4. You two are so cute! I love that you ate your cake where you got married. I need to plan something like that. :)
    Found you via Secondhand Sundays and am following along now.

  5. Awe :)  Thank you so much!  It made it just a little more special.  Im glad you found me!  Yay ♥