Highs + Lows...of the week

Day 1 // #photoadaymay #peace


-Julie aka Cinderella taught our pilates class.  She's the sweetest + so talented!

-Dreaming about owning a home + decorating it.

-Getting my tattoo finished + talking to David.  I miss him + college days.

-Jack White Blunderbuss = awesome!

-Had lunch with Vera at Slider Inn.  They even brought her a doggie bowl of water :)

-Yummy red velvet cupcake

-Relaxing weekend at home with lots of napping.

-Having fun painting + liking most of the results.


-The lady that would not stop farting in pilates class, hahahahaha.  TMI.  I was embarrassed for her, because I'm not sure she was.

-Which led to the fart noise competition between Zac + I.  It was pathetic how bad he was, haha ;)  He said he was telling my mom on me. 

-The pain of a tattoo + somehow I ALWAYS forget just how bad it is until it starts again.  Like right now, it doesn't seem so bad.  I'd get another one.  Am I crazy?!?!

-Tummy aches + anxieties.

What were your highs + lows of the week? ♥


  1. I often dream about the day when me and my hubby will own our own home. Such a fun way to day dream. Plus having a red velvet cupcake would hands down be the highlight of my day if I had one. Mmmmmmmm oh the thought makes my mouth water!

  2. It is so fun :)  Thanks for visiting! ♥