16 + 17/52 Weeks

1 painting:

16&17 of 52 weeks 033

here are some close ups (taken under tungsten light so they appear a little yellow as compared to the photo above)...

16&17 of 52 weeks 017

16&17 of 52 weeks 021

16&17 of 52 weeks 023

1 sketch:

Gas stationTraffic

1 art journal page:

16&17 of 52 weeks 038

16&17 of 52 weeks 039

(Prompt from this e-course)

 To be honest, it's been hard to keep up with this.  I'm not even halfway through yet.  I'm going to try to keep going even if it can be overwhelming at times! :)  That's why I've had to put some weeks together.

P.S.  Check out my new Faber-Castell Mix & Match Studio Caddy.  Oh yeah.  I had to have it once I saw it :)  Now I'm all organized instead of having everything in seperate tins + pouches.  I really wanted this one that is filled with goodies, haha.

My pens + pencils + crayons are all organized thanks to #fabercastell #artsupplies


  1. Hi Lindsey,
    I just stumbled over your blog and I love it so much already! Looking forward to seeing how your project develops over time & get a sneak peak of your life!

  2. Awe :)  Thank you so much!  Im so glad you found it.  Youre a sweetie ♥

  3. I love what you did with the cans of paint.. t
    The caddy is totally cute