Life lately, according to my instagram.

Go grizz!!! #memphis#memphis grizzlies

Healed + ready for shading tomorrow :) can't wait! #tattooHere we go again #tattoo

Halfway there #tattooLooking better. Can't wait to see it all healed :)

Painting #watercolorHere's what I'm actually working on ;) #painting

Go Grizz!!! #memphis#memphisgrizzlies

A few Memphis Grizzlies games.

Getting my tattoo colored in.

Started a new painting.

Ok, I've decided to play. Who's with me? #photoadaymay

I've decided to do the May photo a day challenge.  I didn't do it in April + I sort of missed it.  I think it was good to take a break for a while though.  Are you going to participate?

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I can't believe it's already almost May!


  1. Your tattoo is absolutely stunning, I really love it. And it looks so good all colored in. I also think I'm going to do the May photo a day challenge, let's see how long I can keep up with it :)

  2. Thank you so much :)  Ill have to find you on instagram!  ♥

  3. Your tattoo looks amazing! Love the detailing and the colours xx

  4. all of these photographs are incredible! i am just loving the color! and your tattoo is amazing!
    xo TJ