Our Special Place

We have a park right next to our condo + it's one of my favorite places.  We take Vera for walks, take funny pictures of ourselves, play around or just sit + talk.  There's usually no one around either.  It's so nice :)

March 2012 018March 2012 026

March 2012 054

March 2012 058 copy

March 2012 124

March 2012 077 copy

March 2012 081March 2012 085

March 2012 069 copy 1

March 2012 125

March 2012 153

Do you have a secret spot?  What's it like? ♥


  1. great photos! such a cute pup and i love your boots.

  2. Haha, those boots remind me of the cartoons I used to watch as a kid, so adorable... (:

  3. I love your Hunter boots! I have been wanting some lately but I just cannot justify the money...
    Cute blog! Thanks so much for following mine and finding me on instagram! I look forward to perusing yours and getting to know you better:)
    <3 Leney

  4. Awe, thanks :) I can totally understand about the Hunter boots. I waited months + months trying to decide if I should spend that kind of money on rain boots, but I ordered them + fell in LOVE. Think about it this way...you have something that makes you happy every time it rains. I even wear mine when it's not raining, haha. I've gotten so much use out of them it's worth it to me.
    Thank u! Ur welcome. Thanks for visiting mine too.