Highs + Lows...of the week

Taking pictures all day today for a photo a day post :)


-The feeling of being totally stretched out after pilates.  You should seriously try it if you haven't.  It feels SO GOOD.  I feel 5 inches taller.

-The best p,b+j I've ever made thanks to this peanut butter + this jelly.

-Wearing black + white stripes with neon pink!!!  It just makes you feel good :)

-Vacation planning!!!

-Tickle fights :)

-Started reading The Hunger Games.  It is SO GOOD!!!  I'm already addicted + can't stop thinking about it.

-Fancy dinner for Zac's Mom's birthday.  It was yummy!


-The Bachelor.  (enough said)

-Not being adjusted to daylight savings time + going to bed late + still having to get up early. 

-A grey haired man said to me "Do you know what you will look like in 40 years?"...Ahh...no, what? (waiting for some really nice compliment)..."Me!  Your hair color looks just like mine did."...I mean what do you say to that?  Thanks mister, that's exactly what I want to think about right now.  Then he said "you have freckles too right?"  I'm not sure why everyone seems to think I'm a red head now.  I LOVE the color it is right now (whatever that color is), haha :)  Natural is good (and less expensive).

-Deciding not to go to the zoo because once we get there it is insanely busy.  We forgot about Spring Break + everyone else have Spring fever too :(  It ended up raining anyway, so it was meant to be.  Maybe next weekend. (We went to an estate sale instead + it was really cool).

-Pollen everywhere.  Yuck!

How was your week?  What were your highs + lows?


  1. Oh The Hunger Games is SO good! After you have read those books you should read Divergent. It is also amazing with the same sort of vibe.
    Enjoy all the good reads :)

  2. I cant stop thinking about it + whats going to happen.  Its so addictive.  I have Divergent on my list to read too.  Thanks for suggesting it :)  Ill have to read it.  Thanks for visiting + commenting!  Ill check out your blog too ♥

  3. I love your dress/skirt in that first picture!
    I can definitely identify with your zoo/spring break experience. I decided to take Riley to the beach last week, bc with the time change, I have enough time to do that when I get home from work. We drove all the way out there and when we got there, is when I realized "oh crap it's spring break!" and everyoneeeeeeeee was at the beach. Definitely NOT a good time to be there! We left after 15 minutes :(

  4. Thanks! It's from Target :)
    Ahh too bad :( I hate that.

  5. I love this shot. I think it tells us a lot about you. I too love the after feeling of pilates/yoga. amazing right? and vacation planning is so much fun! where are you off to?

  6. so glad you started reading the hunger games! So worth it!
    And the bachelor was definitely a low for me too :-/

  7. Vacation planning is the best. Actually, planning in general is something I love! I try not to get carried away with it though. Have an awesome week!

  8. I really do need to get into pilates, I love a good stretch. Sorry about the old man - maybe he was crazy!

  9. Thanks :)  It does make you feel amazing.  I go tonight! :)  Im not sure where we are going to go yet.  I won a trip to The Greenbriar in West Virginia, so I know we will be going there.  Ive never been.  I hope its really fun :)  Thanks for visiting + commenting!  ♥ Lindsay

  10. The hunger games is so awesome!  :)  Im not sure why I waste my time on the bachelor but I cant stop watching it?!?!  I wish I could get those hours back of my life, haha.

  11. I need to start up pilates again, and I really want to start reading the Hunger Games. Haha, old men will say anything - I would have just brushed it off and laughed. I also really want to get to an estate sale some time soon :]

  12. You should!  I do Stott pilates.  Im sure theres a place around you.  Oh, I dont mind about the old man.  Haha.  I thought it was pretty funny. :)

  13. Yeah, Ive been doing it off + on for years.  I always come back.  I love it so much.  You have to start the hunger games.  I wasnt sure at first but im totally obsessed now + I dont read that much.  Yeah, I sorta awkwardly laughed at the old man, haha :)  I thought it was pretty funny.  I get all kinds of bazarre comments at work.  Im pretty used to it.  We didnt go to estate sales until this year, but its something to do on the weekends + its fun to look.

  14. It totally is.  Im a big planner too.  My Hubby isnt, so we balance each other out.  Thanks :)  You have an awesome week too.

  15. Sounds like you had a very interesting week! I've never seen The Bachelor, and now I don't plan on watching it!

  16. Yeah, I wouldn't start watching it. Haha :) Thanks for visiting + commenting ♥

  17. i definitely love your puppy. sooooo cute!!!

  18. Love your dress! Pretty pattern :-)Runaway Thrift is having a giveaway through March 29th, check us out!