Friday 5

1. Tom's sunglasses.  Have you seen them?  They are great.  I want these:


2. Baby lips.  I finally got my hands on some.  They keep selling out.  My mom gave me the Pink Punch color + I LOVE it.  It smells really good + the bright pink color is so pretty on my lips :)


3. These shorts.  I'm so ready for summer (until it comes + then I'll be ready for fall, haha)!  Everyone is saying it's going to be a long, HOT summer.


4. Pam Garrison's Instagram.  It looks like she's having some kind of fun!  I asked her what was in the box on the far right because they look like something I want to get my hands on.  She told me they were Caran d'Ache neoart aquarelles(fat water solvable crayons[which I've used before, but I've never seen them so fat! haha]).  I still can't seem to find them online :(  Found them.


5. Blogs: one, two + three.


  1. Okay I am definitely liking almost ALL of those Tom's sunglasses!!
    I've really been wanting to try those Baby Lips- you're the second person I've seen that has liked them. I'll definitely have to get some too!

  2. Me too! Sorta expensive but I really love them. I may have to splurge.
    They are hard to find but I really like mine! I hope you like it. You can sorta smell/taste(?) the sunscreen. It's not bad though.

  3. I had to mention you/your post in my blog today- because you inspired me to do a sunglasses post, because of these awesome Toms glasses! ;)

  4. Awe :)  Awesome!  Ill check it out.  I cant decide if Im going to get them or not.  Sorta pricey, but I think they are totally worth it.  ♥Lindsay