A Picture An Hour :: St. Patty's Day

9am // Walk Vera around the park

Marchphotoanhour 012Marchphotoanhour 006

10am // Pick out what I'm going to wear (I hardly have any green)

Marchphotoanhour 017

11am // Get my allergy shot + drive to get breakfast

Marchphotoanhour 010

12pm // Brother Juniper's

Marchphotoanhour 020 copy

Coffee#Breakfast Rachael ray special :)

1pm // Estate Sale

Marchphotoanhour 023

Marchphotoanhour 024

#estatesale with the hubby :)Cute valentine #estatesale 

Marchphotoanhour 025

Marchphotoanhour 031Marchphotoanhour 032

2pm // Rain on the way home

Marchphotoanhour 008

3pm // Shower

Marchphotoanhour 039 copy

4pm // Rested

 Marchphotoanhour 041

5pm // Snuggled with Vera :)

Marchphotoanhour 034

6pm // Read The Hunger Games for the rest of the night

Marchphotoanhour 048

7pm // while Zac watched a movie

Marchphotoanhour 050 copy

8pm // Sleepy Vera

Marchphotoanhour 052

 9pm // Zac loving on Vera

Marchphotoanhour 043

10pm // Take Vera out + get ready for bed (read more, haha)

Marchphotoanhour 051

I hope everyone else had a great St. Patrick's Day.  Happy first day of Spring!!! (even though it feels like the first day of Summer around here, hah!)


  1. Looks like you had a great day! Hope you are loving The Hunger Games :)

  2. I did. I am loving it :) So good!!!