Highs + Lows...of the week

Just finished #sketching #urbansketcher


-Zac + I have been doing the love language challenge (sort of) + one of the questions was "I wish we had the camera with us when..."  He replied "Have you met my wife? :D"  He thinks he's so funny ;)  It was pretty cute ♥

-Getting Jessica Lea Mayfield tickets + finding out that My Morning Jacket (AND...The Civil Wars) will be at music fest! Woo hoo.  I just hope they don't get rained out like most bands that I REALLY wanna see.

-Playing around with Zac + Vera in the park + taking pictures :) 

-Double date dinner with my bestie (getting to see her sweet baby bump!) + our hubbies

-A beautiful day to sketch with Memphis Urban Sketchers at Confederate Park


-Debating whether or not to get on the interstate because it was backed up.  I made the wrong decision (of course, haha) + got stuck for an hour...an HOUR!!!  There may have been a few horn honks + "what the heck are you doin?" + "ugh, I HATE memphis drivers" comments too.  Yep.

-The moment I realized Jack White tickets were sold out + how did I not even know he was coming?!?! WTF.

-Crazy bumps all over my lips.  Is it seriously possible to get wind burn from a fan?  I dunno what's going on, but it's some pretty painful stuff people :(

-Spilling a HUGE cup of tea ALL OVER myself + my car.  I'm just glad I didn't ruin my phone :) *You should have seen the back of my pants, haha.

I give #up on today!!! #marchphotoaday #day1 just spilt a huge cup of tea all over my car & myself :(

How was your week?  What were your highs + lows?


  1. what a clever idea. i love this post! double dates with friends are always the best :)
    xo TJ

  2. Thanks :)  Ive only done 2 so far, but I plan on doing more.  Its fun + Ive enjoyed it.  ♥Lindsay