Romantic Valentine's Night In

Happy Valentine's Day :) tagged by @freespiritreigns \\ 5 facts about me: 1. I'm a customer relations manager, but at heart I'm an artist 2. My favorite color used to be hot pink, but it's been replaced or tied with mustard yellow 3. I can be over critica

We both worked during the day.  I got a sweet little rose along with all the other ladies at work.  I ordered some vintage looking playing cards so I could make Zac 52 things I love about him deck.  I saw the idea on Pinterest + I LOVED it!  I was freaking out because they hadn't arrived yet + thank goodness when I went home from lunch they were there!  I was able to get them finished just in time :) I used a sanding sponge to sand parts of the card white to add writing. 

Flowers from the boss man aka my dad #febphotoaday #day14 #heartWhat I made my hubby for #valentinesday thanks to #pinterest

Zac picked up some pretty roses for me + I picked up a pretty bottle of wine for him.  I usually buy wine based on how cute the label is :)

Roses from my sweetie :)What were drinking tonight :) I liked the label #tylerpinotnoir #valentinesday

Valentine's Day 2012 011

Valentine's Day 2012 016

My Valentine + I

Kisses xoxoListening to some Dan Auerbach on the #recordplayer #vinyl

Now Bon Iver :) fitting with the red + white record #vinyl #recordplayerV-day overload :)

Zac made dinner all by himself.  I sorta felt bad for not making anything, but he wouldn't let me :)  He's a really good cook (except for the salty, inedible mashed potatoes, haha [it's ok baby]).  He likes to experiment, when I always follow a recipe. 

Valentine's Day 2012 024

Valentine's Day 2012 031Valentine's Day 2012 032

Valentine's Day 2012 039

My girl #jessicaleamayfield #vinyl #recordplayerMy hubby made the best dinner :)

Valentine's Day 2012 044

He got chocolate covered strawberries for dessert :)  Yum, yum, yum!  It was the perfect little night in spent listening to records, enjoying each other's company + romantic notions ♥


We're going to see The Vow tonight + I'm so excited!!!  I hope everyone has a great weekend.  xoxo


  1. Looks like you had a perfect Valentines evening! :)
    I saw the Vow last night! I think it may even top the Notebook for me!

  2. We did! :) I thought the vow was just ok. Didnt top the notebook for me :( thanks for visiting + commenting

  3. LOVE your shoes - so cute! looks like such a nice night:)

  4. Hi Lindsay! Found your blog through the CA's blogroll! I am also living in Memphis, and I love finding other blogs around the area! I love this post, so cute!

  5. Hey Bekah!  Awesome :)  Me too.  Ill have to check yours out too.  Thanks ♥