Highs + Lows...of the week


-Hysterically laughing in bed about my hair + "poncho".  Apparently my bangs make me look like I should be on teen mom according to Zac or straight out of the 80's and....he got a major kick out of me saying that I looked sexy the other night.  He said "ahhhh hahahahahahaha in that thing?  what was that?  a poncho?  what do they call it?".  Yeah, I got the point.  Thanks. (Wait, is this a high or a low?)  It was pretty funny.

-Zac asking me pitifully at lunch "Do I have to eat clean too?"  He has been very supportive of me eating clean + he even tried it too.  Towards the end of the week we sorta stopped all together, but I plan on continuing it.  Just not so strictly.

-Eating breakfast with Zac before work.  We never do that.  It was nice.  We're usually rushing around in the morning.

-The smell of rain.

-Having a heart to heart when you least expect it.  In a bar, over beers + fries with Bourbon mayonnaise.  That should go on a separate line itself.

Grabbing a beer + watching the grizz game #hands #febphotoaday #day3

-Bourbon mayonnaise.  Thank you bardog.  It's the most amazing thing ever.  

So much for clean eating tonight, haha! Best fries + bourbon mayo (pretty much the best combo EVER!)

-Zac ordered a book for us to read together.  He was so excited when I brought the mail into the house saying "I've been looking for that!".

-Zac writing I <3 U in ketchup on his eggs at breakfast :)  I looked at him thinking awe, that looks like he's writing I love you...then realizing, he is!  My hubby melts my heart.

Cute husband :) this morning at breakfast


-Major tummy aches + pains from this clean eating thing.

-Cravings.  I went 4 days with no refined sugar + then I caved.  Big time.  I'm talking coconut cake at lunch.  Vanilla milkshake.  Pralines + cream ice cream in a waffle cone.  Don't judge.  I didn't eat it all at once or finish it all.  Haha.

-Both of my grandparents were in the hospital.  It's really hard to see the ones you love in so much pain.  I couldn't stop replaying them laying there helpless in my head :(

-Not going to the gym at all, but I did go to my usual pilates class.


-The weekend never being long enough.


  1. your husband sounds like a sweetheart! and bourbon mayonnaise?? delicious! i'm sorry to hear about your grandparents.

  2. awe thanks :) he is! Yes, you have to try bourbon mayo. I appreciate it. They are doing better.