5/52 Weeks

1 painting (or part of a painting):

5 of 52 011

I'm still working on this one, but it is getting closer + closer to being finished.

1 sketch:

I posted two last week, so can I count one of those for this week?  Haha.  I didn't really sketch anything this week.  I missed the sketch group this month because there was a Memphis Tigers game at the same time.  Which means I need to sketch more this week! 

1 art journal page:

5 of 52 002


  1. i think it's BEAUTIFUL! i love coming across bloggers who post art - they are so few and far between!
    you may like my e-course...

  2. super pretty!!! I need to start painting too =)

  3. Thank you so much!!! :) Me too. I agree. I can't seem to find that many. I love it when I do.
    I'll check it out.

  4. Thank you :) You should. Let me know if you do; I would love to see.