Vera's 5th Birthday

Sweet "Eringlo's Firepink Wildflower" Vera Lynn Palmore Overbey (she has some names, huh?) turned five (35 in human years) yesterday.  I took her to three dog bakery on Saturday since they are closed on Sunday.  She had so much fun smelling everything.  Her favorite thing is to jump on the counter + get a fresh treat dipped in icing!  I got her a new racoon toy, red velvet pupcake, 2 peanut butter puptarts, turkey patties (for Thanksgiving) + a bone with her name on it.

Vera at #threedogbakery for her #birthday (tomorrow) #wheatenterrier #treatShe was one happy #wheatenterrier !!! #threedogbakery #treat

She didn't really like her bone, but she LOVED the red velvet pupcake!  I sang her happy birthday while Zac laughed at me :)  He tries not to "claim her" as his, but secretly he's madly in love with her.

Vera bw

Vera 5

Tongue lick


I thought it might be fun to post pictures from all of her birthdays so far :) She's spoiled rotten:

Vera's bday 1Vera 1

Vera 2 cakeVera 2

Vera bone 3Vera 3

Vera bone 4Vera 4


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