Pumpkin Cake Balls

Making #pumpkin #cakeballs !!! Cake + icing

I made these for our work's potluck + everyone loved them!  It was super easy since I used all store bought items.  Here's the "recipe":

Mix it up! #cakeballs #pumpkin

I mixed 1 1/2 pumpkin cake rolls from the fresh market with about a cup of duncan hines creamy homestyle cream cheese icing (the cake roll already had cream cheese icing between the layers) until the cake was moist.  You could make all this from scratch too :)

Shape into balls #cakeballs #pumpkin

Then I used a cookie scoop + my hands to roll the mix into 1" balls and place on waxed paper.  Put them in the freezer for an hour or so to harden. 

Melt some orange candy melts (I bought mine at Michael's) in the microwave on the defrost setting + stirring every 30 seconds (directions on the bag).  Dip 4" lollipop sticks (bought at Michael's) in the mix about 1/2" and then stick halfway through the balls.  Then dip the balls in the orange candy melts until they are covered and place back on wax paper.  They dry pretty quickly.  You could put them in the fridge or freezer to speed up the process if you wanted.  Then I melted some green candy melts for the leaves + put it in a ziplock bag with the corner cut to make a piping bag + piped some leaves :)   

#pumpkin #cakeballs

I've realized that I'm not very good at writing recipes :) haha.  I hope this makes sense.  I placed them on some pretty gold doilies + transported them in a cake box!  It made about 30 pops.  I can mark that off my 28 before 29 listMake cake balls

 Here's what I had for lunch today:

#Potluck @ work #thanksgiving

Yum!  The turkey, dressing + gravy was my favorite (of course!)

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