28 before 29


My 28th birthday was this past Sunday.  I started a list of 28 things I wanted to do before I turn 29 a few months ago...Here's the list:

28 before 29

  1. Finish his + hers granny square slippers  *I think it's time to take this off the list, haha.  It's one of those projects I started but may or may not ever finish.

  2. Wedding Quilt (by our 1 yr. anniversary [5/21/12]...maybe) *This didn't happen, but hopefully soon.  I just don't want to mess it up; I'm putting too much pressure on myself.

  3. Go back to buffalo river (+ bring Vera) This didn't happen either but we plan to go hiking in the next few weeks :)

  4. Finish abstract painting I started (here)

  5. Start small painting series idea *Didn't happen

  6. Plan a fun vacation with my husband (if you can count visiting his Dad in FL this coming October)

  7. Fill my small sketch journal

  8. Take a quilt/sewing class

  9. Go backpacking again (+ pack LIGHT as possible) (here and here)

  10. Eat a 5 course dinner *This sort of goes against saving money, haha.

  11. Go surfing in CA (here)

  12. Get a date shake at Ruby's Crystal Cove (here)

  13. Make a fort + sleep under it Zac wasn't into this one, haha.

  14. Slow dance to the record player

  15. Make cake balls: red velvet or cake batter truffles (here)

  16. Sign up for sketchbook project + Finish is by Jan 31st (here)

  17. Sew something on my new sewing machine + learn how to work every little thing on it

  18. Just bought a new sewing machine for my birthday :) YaY!!!
  19. Write a letter by hand I'm in the process of this one

  20. Shoot with film + instant cameras (+ start a toy camera/instant tuesday feature)

  21. Read 3 books (The Hunger Games, Catching Fire, Fifty Shades of Grey)

  22. Start a book club? *Not very realistic, haha...maybe one day

  23. Be less critical + more positive  I think I accomplished that but we'll see what Zac says.

  24. See some great shows (Ra Ra Riot @ the Hi-Tone on Halloween night!) (here) + (here) + (here)

  25. Get another tattoo (the one I've always wanted) (here)

  26. Experience magic as much as possible

  27. Go on a road trip *We are planning on going on one soon...Austin + Chattanooga :)

  28. See a live octopus + jelly fish *Hopefully soon

  29. Save $

  30. My list from last year (some made it to this list too).

My 24 before 25 list.

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  1. I turned 25 in April and you have inspired me to work on a 25 before 26 list! What are your favorite things you completed so far?

  2. Well happy late birthday :)  Yay!  So fun.  I think I need to get going on mine if Im going to finish them all (I never do).  So hard to choose!!!  Getting my tattoo, backpacking/camping + seeing My Morning Jacket! ♥  Cant wait to see your list.