Delta Fair

Zac + I have gone to the fair every year since we've been dating.  I love the fair.  We always have a great time :)  Zac always tries to get me to ride the big scary rides + I always talk him into the less scary ones.  Riding the ferris wheel is tradition.

Fair!ChipsCorn dog

We got a footlong pronto pup (a must) + the frostiest beer ever.  Then we moved on to the saratoga chips (I wasn't as big of a fan).  We sat in a tent while we ate + listened to some music.  We walked around until it got dark...then it was FERRIS WHEEL time.  My favorite!!!  But we totally got screwed last year + this year.  Last year it was like the fastest ferris wheel ride ever + this year they sat us with two strangers...yep...seriously?!?!  There wasn't even a line.  I said: "they are going to do it"...Zac said: "nah, i don't think so"...they totally did + it was AWKWARD.  Thanks for the romantic ride with the screaming lady who's apparently never ridden a ferris wheel before.  AWESOME.  Haha :) 

Zac & i on the Ferris wheelFerris wheel :)

We rode the new Vertigo ride next.  My stomach started hurting + I got really nervous before we rode it.  It looked harmless, but you never know :)  I'm a baby when it comes to rides + I always have been.  It went really high + pretty fast.  It got chilly up there.  It was really fun though.  I'm glad I tried a new ride... 

Vertigo- gave me a headache :(Vertigo swing-Zac & I

To end the night we shared a funnel cake (yum!!!) + people watched from a bench.  I left the fair almost wishing I had rode the ring of fire...ALMOST. 


  1. wow, it looks like such a fun time (aside from screaming ladies!) and your pictures are amazing...definitely frame-worthy!

  2. I absolutely LOVE the fair. I make to sure every year too - and the highlight is always the funnel cake at the end of the day.

  3. Thanks for checking out my blog :) I like your fair post too! I loved the first llama picture :)

  4. Awe thanks + thanks for checking out my blog too :) I enjoyed looking at your blog.

  5. I love the fair so much! I've been trying to persuade my boy to go there but he doesn't really like the idea. After seeing your beautiful pictures, I think I'll try a little harder. :)

  6. You should go :) He may love it when he goes. It's a great place to take pictures! Thanks for looking at my blog :)