Buffalo River

This past Friday night Zac + I were walking Vera & all of the sudden he says "Let's go to Buffalo River!"  We hadn't made any plans for the 4th + I was craving being by some form of water, so I said sure!  I think he thought I really wouldn't go through with it, but we packed the car up on Saturday + headed to Waynesboro, TN. 

packing for buffalo river

        (packing the car)

We had to stop in Jackson, TN because we forgot the hot dogs for dinner.  We got Steak N' Shake + it was Zac's first time!!! Can you believe it? We got burgers, fries + shakes :)

Flags on the 4th weekend

(4th of July flags in a small town along the way)

Decided last minute to go camping & canoeing! Fun :)

We made it to the campsite!  We pulled in + didn't really see a place to check in so we kept driving down the road until it dead end into the woods.  We went back + found a small trailed that had "office" written on the dead bolted door.  There was a buzzer to push + about 10 min later a lady came from out of nowhere.  She checked us in + told us we could just pick a spot anywhere.  Obviously they were VERY laid back, haha.  We drove back to the dead end + decided to make camp away from everyone.  We wanted a peaceful weekend to ourselves.  We were worried it would be very busy on the 4th weekend, but we got really lucky.  The campsite was very primitive.  There wasn't even a fire pit!  The last time we did a camp/canoe trip there was an electic outlet, picnic table, fire pit & grill.  It was fine with us though.  We put up our tent + then Zac got the fire started to try to keep the bugs away while I set up our "camp". 


My sick hammock skills

We finally got a chance to use our eno doublenest hammock.  I was pretty proud of  myself for hanging it up :)

Zac on the hammock

Buffalo river

We got in the river, after setting everything up, to cool off.  It was pretty chilly, but it felt really good.  There were tons of little tiny frogs jumping around.  I wished we had brought out fishing poles. 

Kissin on the lake :)

(check out my new buff band- i ♥ that thing! Zac was pretty upset that he forgot his.)

Zac and I at sunset

 Feet :)


That night we roasted hot dogs + then went to sleep (I say sleep, but I'm not sure how much "sleep" I got.)  Once the sun goes down, my imagination starts to get the best of me, haha.  I imagine the craziest, worst scenarios you can imagine.  Zac was sweet about trying to calm me down + talk things through, but I think he thought I was pretty much nuts :)


We laid in the tent + looked at the stars.  That is one of the most amazing parts of being out in the middle of nowhere.  There are so many stars!

No service

(We had no service the whole time we were out there [another worry!])

 Good morning

We got up early the next morning.  We ate breakfast + then packed up camp.  We were ready to go canoeing + we wanted to beat the rush.  We got back to the "office" + once again it was locked up.  We soon realized that there was no "rush", haha.  We were the only ones ready to go out on the water.  Someone eventually showed up + they took us in their pick up truck to the launch site.  The guy warned us about this spot in the river where everyone was flipping.  Thank goodness he told us!!! (see below for rest of story...) 

On the river


...Once we came to that spot we saw an overturned kayak that was beating underneath the rock wall.  We hoped they were ok.  We stopped at a rock bank nearby + asked if they needed help.  I'm so glad we got out of our canoe + walked it.  The current took you right into the rock wall + I didn't see any way of going around it.

We had so much fun!  We stopped at the "beaches" along the way to take breaks + eat lunch.  We saw a rope swing towards the end of the trip + I begged/dared Zac to stop :)  He wasn't going to because he didn't think it was safe (this doesn't really sound like the daring Zac, but it's true!). We did it (twice)!  Zac went first to make sure it was ok.  I was really nervous!

We made it back to the take out safe.  Then we changed, got in the car + headed home.

Changing the flat :(

We got a flat tire about 30 min. away from camp.  Zac + I made it to a gas station to change it.  Fun stuff!  I'm not sure why, but Zac + I always get lucky with flat tires.  Haha.  We are becoming pros at changing them.

We made it home safe on Sunday night.


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