4th of July

Zac + I went to the grocery + saw these beautiful blue orchids:

4th of July orchids...beautiful!!!

Then we went to Zac's mom's house for dinner.  My mom sent deviled eggs:

Deviled eggs & cutoff shorts... Happy 4th

Vera enjoyed the ride:

Vera riding in the car :)

On the way home she was worn out! haha:

Vera is worn out now :)

Pretty sunset:


I made Pink Lemonade pie earlier that day + we tried it once we got home.  It was so easy to make + it tasted really great.  I added fresh raspberries too:

Home-made pink lemonade pie :)

Here's the recipe.

That night we walked down the street + watched the fireworks.  They were so good!  I haven't done that in a long time.  I think we should make it a tradition :)  We had a great view only a few steps from the condo.

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