Zac's 28th Birthday

I made a pecan pie (for the first time) since it's Zac's favorite.  I used this recipe from this cookbook.  It was the first thing I made from that cookbook.  I was so excited about it when I first saw it.  It has beautiful pictures + who doesn't like southern food???

Pecan pie going in the oven for my hubby's b'day :)

 Zac opened his gifts + cards.  Then we went to dinner at Fleming's Steakhouse.  We weren't planning on it, but made a last minute decision (there's a story to that, but I'll keep that between me + the hubby).  We were both in the mood for steak (I rarely ever eat it).  We ended up having such a great night!!!  We sat at a cute little half-circle booth side by side + had some great conversations about our future :)

Dinner at Flemings for Hubby's Birthday

I sang Happy Birthday too him + then we cut into the pecan pie.  It was really good!  Better than I had hoped + Zac rated it a 9.5.  I think that's a pretty good score :)  Wonder what his wish was???

Tastes great!!! Zac rated it 9.5- got it from 1,001 Ways to Cook Southern

    I look forward to the many more birthdays I will spend with that sweet man.

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