Savage Gulf

On the weekend of Halloween, Zac + I went backpacking in Savage Gulf.

 Savage Gulf 007 

We started at the Laurel Gulf Overlook

Savage Gulf 013 Savage Gulf 031 
Savage Gulf 034 

...and then headed to the Stone Door Trail


Savage Gulf 043

The Big Creek Gulf trail was so rocky + hardly a trail at all.  You had to keep looking for the white blazes.  It was tough + I kept twisting my ankle even though I was wearing tough hiking boots!

Savage Gulf 061 

We saw these beautiful pink leaves on the trees + the fall colors were in full affect:


Savage Gulf 063 

We took a side trip to Ranger Creek Falls.  There were more rocks + we had to step on stones to cross Big Creek (it was dry).  The falls were pretty + we sat on some logs + ate lunch.


Savage Gulf 066 
Savage Gulf 073 
Savage Gulf 076

I was so exhausted by the time we made it to camp.  I wasn't sure if I could make it, haha.  The trail kept getting steeper + STEEPER + harder!!!


Savage Gulf 080 

We camped at Alum Gap.  It was really nice.  There were lots of campsites.  One looked really cool, on the edge of the cliff, but it was taken.  We found one away from everyone.  The people next to us were another couple + a cute dog!  We might bring Vera next time :)  The ranger checked in with us to make sure we had enough water since it was dry + to see if we needed anything which was nice.

Savage Gulf 082 
Savage Gulf 087 
Savage Gulf 089 
Savage Gulf 093 
Savage Gulf 097 

We were running low on water (a recurring theme for us) + we weren't sure how far or hard the hike was to get water so we decided to take the short, easy hike called Laurel Trail back to the Ranger Station.  We saw some old moonshine stills.  I was shocked when we made it back to the ranger station because it took no time at all + was so easy.

Savage Gulf 101 
We were hungry for real food + thirsty, so we went to the local waffle house.  It was a huge let down.  Then we headed to Nashville + checked into the plush Hutton Hotel :) Ahh...took a rain shower + laid in bed.  It was SOOOOOOOO Relaxing!!!  That night (Halloween) we went to Cantina Laredo for dinner + ordered the movie The Switch in the room.

The next day we had engagement pictures taken by the amazing Tec Petaja in Franklin.  We had so much fun + the locations were beautiful!!!  I can't wait to see the pictures!!! 

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