So much has been going on...

April 28th Zac + I saw The Dead Weather at Minglewood.  It was my second time seeing them + Zac's first :]  We met Jeff + Katherine there.  We got to hear their new songs which was cool- I really like "Die by the Drop!":

Dead Weather 2 002

April 30th we saw Mute Math (they were so good!!! [as usual]) @ the Beale St. Music Festival (part of Memphis in May) + then stayed for about 30 seconds of 30 Seconds to Mars before I was so dissappointed I couldn't watch anymore.  I couldn't believe how lame it was! Jared Leto kept begging people to clap + "jump! jump!"...maybe he was vibing off of Limp Bizkit who was the headliner?!?!  Ahh!  We had fun anyway.  I love going to concerts with my button:


May 2nd we went back to music fest to see Band of Horses (i love them!!!).  They played new songs from their album coming out soon too.  Zac + I belted "The Funeral" as loud as we could :]

Zac+I river

My first wildflowers finally bloomed.  They are pretty dasies:


Zac + I also started geocaching, haha.  We've only done it twice so far + only found the cache once, but it's pretty fun :]  It gets you out of the house, using a map/gps + exercising which is great!  Here's our first experience:


Vera played in the park after with the new pup in the neighborhood named Betsy:



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