My Morning Jacket

with Preservation Hall Jazz Band:

Set list (courtesy of MMJ twitter: "Nashville: we woke up, churned some butter, baked a pie, took a nap, and came up with this.. http://yfrog.com/58t9cij "):


I was so ready for them to play by the time they finally took the stage.  Awesome intro:

Can I say I ♥ Jim James one more time? haha :]  Yep I think so.  My Magheeta (a.k.a. Katherine) would allow it.

My Morning Jacket 008

Ahh they were so good they gave me chills.

My Morning Jacket 011

Zac + I standing in the crowd.  Our feet + my voice were killing us by the end of the night!

My Morning Jacket 093

I didn't want the night to end.

My Morning Jacket 032 

Zac + I were sad they didn't play our song, but I knew they probably wouldn't.

I wish I could relive it over + over again.

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