Portland Trip + I'm engaged!!!

Feb 10th-

  • Woke up at the crack of dawn to catch a plane to Portland.  The plane was empty.  We had a connecting flight in Minnesota/St.Paul.  Zac slept the whole time while I read "Dear John".

  • Portland was cold + rainy.  We picked up our blue Sienna van + headed to the Columbia River Gorge/Mt. Hood area.  It was the most beautiful place I've ever seen.  The trees were huge, moss + lichen + ferns were everywhere.  The mountains, cliffs + views were breathtaking.  We took the Historic Columbia River Scenic Highway.  We stopped at a few lookout spots:



  • We stopped at Lautorell Falls.  Hiked to the bottom + climbed under the falls.  It was breathtaking.  The wind, rush + cold water from the fall took your breath away.  I almost cried.  One of the coolest thing I have EVER done.  A moment to never forget.  We got soaking wet + froze!

  • There was waterfall after waterfall.  We made it to Multnomah Falls + had lunch. I got a charm in the gift shop (I'm collecting charms from every place zac + I go).


  • It got cold fast as we headed up the mountain. The Sienna barely made it. The area said to carry chains.


  • We made it to the Resort at the Mountain.  It was really nice + we had our own fireplace.

  • I went to the local grocery store.  It was quaint.  I imagined living there.

  • We ate dinner at a local mexican restaurant called El Burro Loco.  It was really good.  I got a blood orange margharita (they were in season).


Feb 11th-

  • We woke up + got ready for snowboarding.  Ate breakfast at the hotel.  Headed up the mountain again to Timberline.  We rented our boots + boards.  It took me a lil while to catch on.  One of the lifts was so fast + at the end it had a ramp which made you fly off.  I fell the second time + didn't feel good :(  We rode back to the lodge + got the famous Snowcap Dream (hot chocolate) at Timberline Lodge.

  • Ate dinner at Rendezvous Grill + Tavern that night.  We had local, homemade huckleberry (in season) ice cream. 


Feb 12th-


  • Packed our bags.  Checked out.  Road sign said chains required to travel to Timberline.  We bought chains (ended up not needed them + returning them).  Got gas (they pump it for you in Oregon + you can get a ticket if you do it yourself). 

  • Snowboarded for a few hours.  Went down mainly blues.  Had more fun that day.  Zac messed his knee up a little + it was so windy + a whiteout, so we called it quits.  Had lunch at the top of Timberline Lodge + got the Snowcap Dream again :)  I got a Timberline + Mount Hood charm at the gift store.  Returned our gear.

  • Headed back to Portland.  Stopped by the Multnomah Falls again + climbed to the bridge this time + took some pics.

  • Saw lots of rainbows.


  • Made it to the Hotel Monaco.  Had a hard time finding it, haha.  Tired of driving.  Didn't have our reservation, but had a room available.  The room was nice + big. 

  • We walked to dinner at Red Star.  They had balloons all over the ceiling for Valentine's weekend.

  • We walked back to the hotel.  Modeled our animal print robes.  There was a teddy bear on the bed too.  Haha:


    Feb 13th-

  • The first full day in Portland we woke up + packed our stuff to move to the Ace Hotel. We drove to the Byways Cafe for breakfast. I got the famous Blue Cornmeal cakes :) They were really good, but different.

  • Drove to NW 23rd st near Nob Hill + did some shopping (it was my favorite!).  Zac + I got a pair of shoes at clogs-n-more.  I got a bunch of cute stuff at Urban Outfitters. 

  • Drove to Hawthorne Ave.  Walked around + stopped at Bridgeport Ale House for pizza + beer.

  • Stopped in Jackpot Records.  I got My Morning Jacket-It Still Moves + Dan Auerbach-Keep It Hid.  This girl was in there snatching up records I was looking at.  She got the Bon Iver-For Emma + I was pretty pissed. :(  Zac said she had a The Raconteurs album too, but I didn't see it.  Ahh!

  • Checked in to the Ace Hotel + got ready for dinner.  We decided to just walk around + find something.  We settled on Isabel.  Walked back to the hotel + had our pics taken in the photobooth :)

  • We listened + danced to our records.  Went to bed.  

  • IMG_2538IMG_2546IMG_2588IMG_2595

    Feb 14th-

  • Woke up, kissed each other + wished each other a Happy Valentine's Day.

  • Got in the shower + when I got out Zac had a teddy bear + chocolates on the bed. SO cute.

  • I gave Zac his mixed cd + card that I made.  He said he would have cried if he was a crier it was so sweet :)

  • We walked to VooDoo donuts, but the line was so long we decided to walk to Blueplate, but they were closed, so we went to the Morning Star Cafe

  • Walked back to the car.  Drove to Flutter, North Alberta, + Ink + Peat.  Went to Pix + got violette (my fav!!!) + passion fruit macaroons.

  • Went back to Hawthorne Ave.- went into a HUGE antique mall + record store.  I got My Morning Jacket - Z + Zac got a  Bob Dylan + Rolling Stones record. 

  • Drove to VooDoo donuts (too).  Got  a VooDoo dozen.  So good! My fav was the cereal covered.

  • Arrived at hotel + got ready for dinner.




    Valentine's Night (the proposal):

    We listened to the CD I made Zac for Valentine's Day on the way to dinner.  We wanted to stop at a bridge (Portland has so many!) and take pictures of the skyline before dinner.  We parked the car and walked to the Broadway Bridge.  It was off Lovejoy St.  Zac said I was his little lovejoy .  So sweet.  We stopped at the middle of the bridge and I took some pictures of the Portland skyline.  (Men on bikes kept passing us with flowers to take home- so cute.)  Zac put my hands inside his jacket and around him; He was sweaty and I could feel his heart beating through his chest, haha.  He was fumbling around and saying sweet things.  Then he held my hands, got down on one knee and propsed.  I said absolutely!!!  It was so sweet, romantic, sincere and amazing.  The ring was beautiful.  He picked it out all by himself.  We were both so happy and giddy.  We got in the car and he immediatly played "Just One Thing" by My Morning Jacket.  We drove to Pailey's Place for dinner where I ordered a Tennessee Rose to drink.  We talked all about the proposal over dinner and made lovey-dovey faces at each other for the rest of the night.  Listened to the cd on the way back to the hotel + had our pics taken in the photobooth :)  Danced to the record player :)



    Feb 15th-

    • Woke up + made calls to our family.

    • Listened to music + packed.

    • Ate breakfast at Flavourspot (a waffle "cart").  We sat at a picnic table.

    • Went to REI + Patagonia.

    • Ate lunch at Blueplate.  I got a tooted fruit soda + grilled cheese w/ tomato soup.

    • Stopped at a jewelry store + I got a button charm that says cute as a button :)

    • Went to  Anthropologie + North Face Store.  I got a cute rain jacket. 

    • Stopped in Powell's bookstore.  I looked at the crafts section + then I was excited to find the wedding section.  I looked for a little while + then Zac looked with me.  He grabbed a groom book to buy which I thought was the cutest thing!  It's just another one of the many reasons why he's the one.  He's the sweetest, most caring, considerate man I've ever met!  I got a wedding planning book + some wedding magazines + some japanese stickers.  Zac got the groom book, a coin book, a hiking book, burried treasure book + a waterproof journal for me :)

    • Walked back to the hotel.  Looked at our books until we got hungry.  Tried to find some mexican places, but ended up going to Serratto.  This lady had her dog with her inside eating dinner, which I thought was so cool! 

    • Went back to hotel, took photobooth pics, watched tv + went to bed.

    Feb 16th-

    • Woke up early for our flight.

    • Got gas, returned car + headed to airport.

    • Ate lunch at Ruby's Diner in the airport.

    • Made it to the gate + I saw a made in portland gift shop.  I was looking for a rose charm + found it :) Yay!

    • Got on the plane headed to Las Vegas + then Memphis.

    • So sad to leave Portland.  It was an AMAZING trip!!!



    1. That is the best love story of all! Reminds me of Eudora & William Morford's love stories!

    2. Oh my gosh! I was touched by your romantic story in Portland, Lindsay. Despite the breathtaking wind, the rush and the cold water, the two of you shared an affectionate moment together in the aftermath. Your Valentine’s day last year should forever be hold in tender embrace. Congratulations, Lindsay. Just keep the fire burning, and when it feels like it's turning blue, always remember the chemistry that you and Zac both share.
      By the way, I've read ""Dear John"" too. Congratulations to Nicholas Sparks, he killed me inside! How unfortunate, the movie didn't focus on the whole story. Oh! Have you read Gabriel Garcia Marquez's ""100 Years of Solitude""? For avid romance novel readers like us, it's a must read novel, Casey. I suggest you read it.

    3. Thanks :) Thats sweet.  I havent read it, but I will check it out. ♥

    4. I agree. The way Nicholas Sparks delivered his words in "Dear John" is truly heartbreaking. This author has a unique incomparable romantic approach in every piece of his. Sadly, "Dear John" didn't come out strong unlike his other novels. "The Notebook" (2004) and "A Walk to Remember" (2002) - these two films were strong, but not as strong as the books. Anyway, the execution of the film all boils down to the director. I have also read Gabriel Garcia Marquez's ""100 Years of Solitude"", Jessie, and personally, it's way better than "The Love in the Time of Cholera".