This wedding planning stuff is CRAZY!!!  Picking a date is so tough!  I thought we had picked it for sure + now the venue we were thinking is possibly not available.  Which has me now thinking about other places!  I've got the theme + design for the reception in my mind.  Then there's the decision should I do my own stationery or have someone do it?  The only thing I know for sure is my photographer (which could change if I don't set the date soon! yikes).

Aside from all that I just keep thinking how I'm the luckiest!  I would have never thought I would be here right now with such an amazing person- my soul mate, my best friend, my love.  He makes me so happy!  I wonder what I would have said if someone pointed to Zac while walking the halls of elementary, middle or high school and told me, "that's the guy you're going to marry."? Haha.  I always thought he was cute, but this I could never have imagined.  Thanks to him and thanks to karma, fate + whatever else makes this crazy world turn.

Us at the last Memphis home game ☺♥ 

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