I am so excited, anxious + ready to go to Portland, OR.  We (zac + i) leave tomorrow morning at 6AM!!!  This will be our first "trip" to a new city together.  Should be interesting + lots of fun.  We both really wanted to go to Portland + decided to go there on a whim.  We also wanted to do some snowboarding + Mt. Hood is close, so we are going to stay on the mountain 2 nights :]  Our beautiful hotel room has a fireplace too!  Ahh- romantic + relaxing.  Then, we are headed to the city!  I am a major planner + have tons of lists, while Z  likes to see where the city takes him :]  We might even drive to the coast one day.  I can't wait to take tons of pics + show them to you.  Yay!!!  We'll be back the 16th.  I'm so excited to be spending Valentine's Day in a new city with my "button".

IMG_2276 copy4

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